Strategic Management Advisory

Mergers & acquisitions

M&A and divestitures are exceptionally demanding events in the lives of affected companies or families. They are complex, emotional, and time consuming. During such challenging periods, the comprehensive support we provide turns into benefits and dividends.

Asking the right questions and giving pragmatic answers matter.


Social and economic issues accompany the success of restructuring. Finances, structure or business model and processes. We start with questions and needs. We hear carefully, develop the concept, design the execute balanced restructuring.

Our approach creates a sustainable restart for people, companies, and business owners.

Fairness to all on the way to a new beginning.


Companies and people are allergic to the term turnaround because its association with failure. Failures in businesses, as in life, are inevitable. Acknowledging failure is the first step to recovery and positive transformation.

We are committed to work close with our clients to pivot them towards a fresh restart and sustainably profitable directions.

‘Failure’ is neither a response, nor a business reality.